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Precious InterActive Limited comprises of online web consumer brands

Precious Interactive Limited (PREIAC) is an Innovative African company, We own brands across countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America & Africa, mostly in online media and Internet consumer services especially, headquartered in Lagos City. Precious Future, Is the Founder, and Chairman of Precious InterActive, He has led the company into success..

We continuously develop ideas for new businesses, with focus on innovation, disruptive business models, and consumer experience enhancement. Once an idea is defined, we partner with entrepreneurs and CEOs, to build a management team and launch.

Our focus is solely on global reach. We have extensive international experience of different corporate to new ventures. We know how to run complex supply chains and cross-country operations in the most efficient manner.

We build on our multi-year experience in core functional areas: Marketing & Sales, Digital, Supply Chain, and Procurement. This is complemented by extensive industry experience in Consumer Products and Retail as well as successful startup history.

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