Precious InterActive Limited businesses engage consumers around the world. As a leading software, App development, media and Internet company with more than 30 brands and products serving loyal customers globally from education to search and entertainment to dating,
we are at the top of our game in online web consumer brands.


Precious Education

Precious Education Is a Precious InterActive Brand for Educational Purposes for student who want to study abroad. Fully own by PREIAC.

Precious Mingle

Precious Mingle Is a Precious InterActive Brand consumer product for dating both internationally and locally for matured minds. Fully own by PREIAC.

Precious Fling

Precious Fling Is a Precious InterActive Brand consumer product for flirty singles dating both internationally and locally for matured minds. Fully own by PREIAC.

Precious Online Academy

Precious Online Academy Is a Precious InterActive Brand for Educational Purposes for student who want to study online, Available to all ages. Fully own by PREIAC.

We Luv Kush

We Luv Kush is the biggest, fun, social cannabis community in the world, a place of unlimited fun for cannabis lovers. Fully own by PREIAC.

Pbit Bank Wallet

Pbit Bank Wallet also known as Precious Bitcoin Bank Wallet is an online bitcoin wallet service for storing your bitcoin, 100% secured. Fully own by PREIAC.

Precious Farms

Precious Farms Is a Online faming portal for farmers to meet locally and internationally. Fully own by PREIAC.
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Precious Taxi

Precious Taxi gives you a Safe, Reliable & Quicker Ride 🚖 Filled With Precious moments throughout your Journey

PLive News

Precious Live News also known as Precious Live News, an online news portal for news and update nationally and globally. Fully own by PREIAC


Preciouser is an online Magazine brought to you by PREIAC and is about all the adventures life has to offer because -Life Is Precious-


PBitX also know as Precious Bitcoin Exchange is is an online bitcoin marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in one convenient location. PBitX is fully own by Precious InterActive
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Perky Life

Perky Life is a social network that gives you the power to build a cheerful and lively community by bringing the world closer together and making it more exciting and rewarding for everyone.


PreciousBucks is geo-location Reward App that Pays consumers just for staying online on their mobile phone! Earn Rewards, Cash, Voucher, Credits, Points.

Jove Mart

Jove Mart is an e-commerce, online marketplaces for multiple vendors to showcase their products. focused on local items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items

Music City App

Music City provides free Premium music service, Listen to the right music, anytime, anywhere, any day. With Music City, you have access to a world of unlimited music
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Hash Social

Hash Social is an exciting & exclusive private social network for Hashers, A Place to connect with fellow hashers far and nearby, discover events, find a hash and hash run.

Precious Ad Network

Precious Ad Network (PAN) is an online advertising company with an intelligent affiliate marketing network designed to help you achieve scalable & sustainable growth

PXD Network

PXD Network also known as PreciousX Dating Network is a leading African and global dating network with a widening portfolio of premium & freemium dating apps.

Precious Reward Network

Precious Reward Network is a group of rewarding apps created for different countries, Your rewards can be exchanged for Airtime or Cash.
Foodly Planet

Foodly Planet

Foodly Planet is a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace dedicated to connecting diners with local takeout restaurants.

PickiFied is the biggest online Classifieds Marketplace in Africa Where Buyers Meet Sellers! It comes with an advanced security system. Currently Opened to Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe & Uganda

Precious Fashion House

Precious Fashion House is a Fashion e-commerce, online marketplaces for Wholesale fashion and cosmetics vendors specializing in all kinds of categories of clothing and cosmetics for women, men and kids.


Car360Hub is an online automobile marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new and used cars. it is designed to use proprietary technology and data analytics for search algorithms which help users find great deals from top certified dealers locally.
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Precious Money X

This is a secured e-payment system to make P2P and B2B payment globally. It comes with USD,EUR & GBP. With PMX System you can also accept payments on you e-commerce website, buy precious metal, send or receive money securely.